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History of Obama

History of Obama

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outline 1. History of Obama city Matsukawa
2. History of Yatabe Shimonaka
3. History of Wakuri and surrounding area Shimonaka
4. About ruins and the excavation investigation Matsukawa
Archeology 1. Jomon period of Nakanata Shimonaka
2. Ruins excavation investigation in Kamo Matsukawa
3. Ruins excavation investigation in Hirano Nishijima
4. Ancient tomb in Obama City region Nishijima
5. A story of an ancient tomb in Matsunaga region Matsukawa
6. The remain of salt making in Okodu Matsukawa
7. Roaming Kokufu Matsukawa
8. About ruins of the Nochise castle Shimonaka
History 1. About the Obama castle and town Shimonaka
2. Castle and general in Imatomi region Shimonaka
3. History of Unpin region and the Obama castle Shimonaka
4. Great men in Unpin region Takeura